Purchasing A Property

Let New Vision Real Estate & Investments provide you assistance every step of the way when you decide to purchase property. We can help you find a quality starter home or the home of your dreams. Speak with an agent or representative to get started on the home buying process. The team extends its services to anyone in California. If you wish to move to the state then we can find help you find property.
Since we have members of our team that have invested into property for many years rest assured that the property you purchase will hold its value. You may choose to also use the knowledge of our investors to grow your assets. Speak to an investor that can help you purchase property for investment purposes. You do not have to be a professional in the real estate business to purchase property in California. New Vision Real Estate & Investments can help you invest into promising property that you can potentially profit from for the rest of your life.


Selling residential property is not a hard and long process with the right type of help. Whether you are interested in selling property in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles area, or anywhere in California New Vision Real Estate & Investments can help. Far too many people think that simply placing a “for sale” sign in front of their home will help generate promising leads. The truth is it takes an extensive amount of marketing to successfully sell a home in a reasonable amount of time. New Vision Real Estate & Investments agents take advantage of the Internet, social media, and their network to attract promising buyers to become interested in listings available. The multiple listing service is a big advantage that you get on your side when you do business with New Vision Real Estate & Investments. Your agent will list your home on this database to allow other agents with serious buyers to view your home. Additionally, other marketing strategies are also implemented to help attract buyers. The New Vision Real Estate & Investments agents have experience marketing homes all around Los Angeles successfully. Call an agent today to get started on selling your residential real estate.


A luxury home is difficult to sell if you do not know how to attract the right type of buyers. There is a certain way to market to potential buyers for luxury real estate. New Vision Real Estate & Investments understands the value of luxury property and knows how to get all listings sold on the market. We won’t settle until you get an offer on a home that is worth its value. New Vision Real Estate & Investments marketing specialists can help market your home to attract serious buyers willing to pay top dollar for your luxury real estate. There are plenty of potential buyers ready to purchase your luxury property. Agents have worked with clients for many years that already have property and that have been saving money to invest into a luxurious home of their dreams. The agents work together to help one another find potential buyers that may be interested in buying property. Luxury homes may have a hard time selling on the market without the help of a real estate agent.


Selling commercial real estate can be tricky. Your property may be worth more than you think. There is always a demand for commercial real estate in and around Los Angeles. A New Vision Real Estate & Investments agent can help you properly value a particular piece of commercial property so that you do not list it on the market for less than its true value. Your agent can also tap into his or her network of investors to find people interested in purchasing your commercial real estate. You may understand how to sell a home but commercial real estate is a different category. Commercial property attracts buyers that have more experience buying property, especially in Los Angeles. This is why it is a good idea to allow New Vision Real Estate & Investments to bargain on your behalf. An investor might try and purchase your property for a price that is not worth its value. Let one of our real estate agents appraise your property and then negotiate with buyers to help you get the most out of selling your commercial real estate.


Finding a market to sell industrial real estate is extremely difficult unless you know the right people. New Vision Real Estate & Investments agents have years of experience buying and selling industrial real estate. Throughout the years members of our team have formed relationships with people that may be interested in purchasing industrial real estate in the greater Los Angeles area. An agent is ready to find you a buyer with the biggest offer on your industrial property so that you can earn a sizeable profit after you sell it on the market. An investor wants to purchase industrial real estate that successfully passes inspection. If you are having trouble selling your industrial real estate then allow us to be of assistance. We know how to turn an industrial property with little potential into an appealing piece of real estate. Buyers may have overlooked your property before, but once we are through they will make you appealing offers you cannot refuse.