Here at New Vision Real Estate & Investment we are offering an exciting service to anyone who is interested in buying, selling or developing property in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, or anywhere in the state of California. Our concierge services allow you to be involved with real estate in this great state, even if you’re not in the area. We will act on your behalf to find the right home or property for you to buy, rent or invest in.

Our real estate concierge will keep in constant communication with you to help you find the opportunity of your dreams. If you’re an out of state investor looking to make a great return on a specific piece of property, for example, we can help with that. If you’re looking to move to the area, and want to lease a home so it is ready when you arrive, we can help with that as well.

We Are Working Hard On Your Behalf

Many people mistakenly believe that a real estate concierge service is something only available to the ultra-rich who can buy and sell dozens of properties per day. The fact is, however, that our services are available to anyone who is looking to save time and hassle on all types of real estate transaction sin the area. Whether you’re looking to buy a home for yourself, sell a property, invest in a commercial real estate opportunity, or take part in any other type of real estate transaction, we will help you every step of the way.
When you use this service, you’ll be assigned a dedicated concierge who will be working hard for you. We’ll discuss with you what it is you’re looking for, and then get right to work finding it for you. Once we’ve found the opportunity that we think you’ll love, we’ll give you a call and provide you all the details. We can even take pictures or videos of the property, and send them to you to review. If you decide you want to move forward with the deal, we’ll negotiate on your behalf to get the best price possible. Of course, you’ll always have the final say on whether or not you want to finalize a deal we have found for you.
No matter what it is you’re looking for in the area, you simply won’t find another real estate team that offers the same level of services as our professional concierge. If you’re interested, please contact us to see how we can help you today.